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The Benefits of Opening an Offshore Company in Seychelles

Updated on Thursday 13th December 2018

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The-benefits-of-opening-an-offshore-company-in-Seychelles.jpgThe most employed type of legal entity used to start a business in Seychelles is the offshore or the international business company (IBC). There are several reasons for which foreign companies and individuals are attracted by Seychelles as a jurisdiction for domiciliating their companies, among them the confidentiality offered to the shareholders in offshore companies. However, the list of benefits of opening an IBC company in Seychelles is more comprehensive.

Below, our company formation consultants in Seychelles explain what the main benefits of offshore companies are.

Benefits related to starting an offshore company in Seychelles

One of the first advantages offered by a Seychelles IBC structure is the reduced incorporation time: in a few days the company can be up and running. Also, the offshore company registration requirements are quite simple:

  • -          there can be one shareholder;
  • -          the company must have at least one director;
  • -          the shareholder can also act as a director;
  • -          there are no restrictions related to the nationality of the directors and shareholders;
  • -          no company secretary is required;
  • -          no share capital requirements.

Nominee services for shareholders, directors and even secretary are permitted in Seychelles.

The IBC company can be used as an investment vehicle by those who want to set up investment funds in Seychelles.

Company administration benefits in Seychelles

One of the greatest benefits related to opening an offshore company in Seychelles is the fact that the annual general meeting of the shareholders does not have to take place in the country, as new technology allows for video-conferences for this meeting.

Also, the reporting requirements for a Seychelles IBC company are minimum, as there are no audits, no tax reporting or filings. No information on company’s accounting documents is available to the public.

Tax benefits when opening an IBC in Seychelles

When it comes to the tax benefits offered by a Seychelles offshore companies, we can mention:

  • -          the lack of taxes on profits or any other type of income;
  • -          the low maintenance and administration costs;
  • -          the repatriation of profits to another country is not subject to any duty.

For full information on all the benefits which come to setting up an offshore company, please contact our Seychelles company registration agents. Please note that you can also rely on us if you want to register a company in Seychelles or need nominee services.



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