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Fees for Opening and Operating a Company in Seychelles

Updated on Sunday 02nd June 2019

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Fees-for-opening-and-operating-a-company-in-Seychelles.jpgThere are various advantages related to starting a business in Seychelles. Foreign investors find the confidentiality which is guaranteed by law one of the most important benefits when setting up an offshore company in Seychelles, however, the taxation system which offers many exemptions is another important aspect which is considered by others. However, before getting to these advantages, one must be aware of the costs involved by opening and operating a company in Seychelles.
You can rely on our local agents for company formation services in Seychelles. Our consultants can also offer information related to the fees you need to consider when starting a business here.

Fees related to starting a business in Seychelles

Opening a company in Seychelles is not difficult, however, it may seem so for foreign businessmen who don’t know the costs related to setting it up. The first things to take into account and which imply various fees are:
  • - the preparation of the incorporation documents: these will depend on the fees practiced by the company offering the services.
  • - the lease contract for the company’s registered office: rent fees in Seychelles will vary; another option is to purchase a virtual office package.
  • - the registration fee with the Business Registrar: this can be approximately 100$ and it is a mandatory tax for company formation in Seychelles.
  • - the representative agent’s fee: it is also mandatory to have a registered agent, thus this fee of approximately 300 $ per year is recurrent.
Foreign investors who want to open companies in specific sectors such as insurance or trading must consider the licensing fees which depend on the activity to be undertaken by the Seychelles company.
Investors who open a Seychelles offshore company do not need to provide a minimum share capital for the business. This is an important feature and one that makes the general company incorporation process (and its associated costs) even more attractive for investors.
Examples of standard company formation services are listed below:
  1. Constitutive documents execution: drawing up the company’s Articles of Association and Memorandum, the resolutions for the appointment of directors, the supporting statements or allotting the company shares.
  2. Legalized documents: when needed, copies of the main documents, legalized for international use and certified by a public notary can be provided to the company founders.
  3. Registered agent services: the minimum local presence insurance through a registered agent, as required by law.
Additional services, that are not usually included in the standard package, include those associated with the preparation of the documents for opening a bank account in Seychelles. Investors should note that bank account opening is not a customary service due to the fact that the bank may reject the application. One of our agents specialized in company formation in Seychelles can provide investors with more information on banking requirements.
The two mandatory costs that are associated with opening a company in this jurisdiction are the government fee (of approximately 100 $) and the fee for the registered agent (payable at an annual rate, with varying rates but with an approximate value of 300$). The other costs, such as those for drafting the company documents and the general process related to the IBC creation can vary. Investors who do not wish to travel for the incorporation phase can do so, however, in this case, the costs will be higher as they will need to pay for all of the services related to company formation (the need to appoint an agent to handle the steps will increase the general company formation costs).

Operational fees when opening a company in Seychelles

Opening a company in Seychelles does no imply only registration fees, but also operational costs which must be taken into account. Amon the operational fees related to opening a Seychelles company are:
  • -          the accounting fees;
  • -          the utilities;
  • -          the environmental charge;
  • -          the costs generated by employment;
  • -          the costs related to the office.
When it comes to offshore or IBC companies in Seychelles, foreign investors need to consider the costs generated the nominee services. They can opt for one or more of the following services:
  • - nominee shareholder: this is an annual fee payable to the company that offers the service.
  • - nominee director; also a fee that is paid annually as per the agreed price with the company offering this professional service.
  • - company secretary: this can be included in a larger package, however, it is also a recurring fee.
  • - other secretarial services: these can include services related to call handling, document custody or storage, and others.
These services are not mandatory, however, the two included in this category (nominee shareholder and nominee director will ensure complete privacy in relation to owning an offshore company in Seychelles.
Some of the fees related to company management in Seychelles will occur as the company starts doing business. In this category, we can mention the certificate of good standing, which is issued by the Registrar of Companies when the business needs this document for submission for different purposes. The certificate proves that the business is registered according to law, that it has complied with all of the administrative requirements up to the issuance date and that it has no dues to the government.
Business owners in Seychelles who request additional documents from the Register will also need to pay certain fees for the release of the document or documents. These fees can vary and one of our agents who specialize in company formation in Seychelles can give you more information as needed.
You can also watch a video on the fees related to opening a company in Seychelles:
Investors can set up a company in Seychelles with relatively low incorporation costs that have to do with the fee for registering the company with the government and the registered agent service. Of course, these are the minimum costs and many investors will prefer to work with a company that specializes in company formation, for the purpose of opening the company as fast as possible. For many investors, the costs associated with the incorporation services will be offset by the fact that their business starts trading as fast as possible. And in Seychelles, this is indeed possible as the company formation process is very straightforward.  
The terms of payment for the selected services and the initial formation fee are established as per the service agreement agreed upon with the company that offers the services. investors have the option of using our online company incorporation tool and they can reach out to us if they have any questions related to the process or additional questions about pricing and fees before they commence the incorporation process.
If you want to open a company at competitive rates, please contact our company registration agents in Seychelles who offer personalized offers. You can also rely on us for accounting, company secretary and nominee services in Seychelles.


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