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Virtual Office in Seychelles

Updated on Monday 23rd January 2023

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virtual office in Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, is suitable and also suggested for any entrepreneur who wants to set up the business presence in the insular state. Besides a proper business image, one can benefit from the advantages which come with a virtual office in Seychelles, and here we remind the low costs compared to those imposed on a traditional one. Our company formation specialists in Seychelles can provide you with information about how to obtain a virtual office in Seychelles and the related services. They can also help foreigners open offshore companies in Seychelles.
 Quick Facts  
Best used for 

- offshore companies;

- small or medium businesses


- flexibility for the team members;

- lower costs;

- access to secretary services, mail and call forwarding;

- modern office solutions, as needed

Registered address option  

Yes, as needed for offshore company incorporation in Seychelles

Location  Victoria, Anse Boileau, Bel Ombre, etc.
Coworking spaces 


Individual offices 


Meeting rooms 



Access to Wi-Fi


- access to co-working and individual offices;

- meeting room access;

- shared spaces;

- business lounge area;

- accessible and modern office location;

- on-site additional services upon request

 Secretary services Upon request 
Local business telephone 

Yes, shared or dedicated upon request

Rent duration 

Monthly in most cases

Special packages/plans 

Available upon request

Approximate costs 

They can start at $100 per month

Change from traditional office to virtual office Yes, possible upon request


How can a virtual office help your business in Seychelles?


Businessmen from overseas can receive virtual office services if they want to establish their presence in Seychelles without having to rent or buy an office space. With a virtual office in Seychelles, a company can receive the following benefits: 
  • a prestigious and notable local business address in a recognized business center;
  • mail and correspondence which can be completed by forwarding services;
  • faxes and phone call forwarding services from a local telephone number;
  • potential clients can receive information about the company through the virtual office;
  • receiving voicemail services is also an option when buying virtual office services in Seychelles;
  • conference room for business meetings with future partners, on request.
You can also rely on our lawyers in Seychelles for various services.

Why should you choose a virtual office in Seychelles?


We mention that a virtual office in Seychelles can be a proper image of your company, where our representatives will provide you with suitable solutions in accordance to your requests and needs. You will also receive a local phone number for a business or private purposes. Regarding the company formation in Seychelles, we remind that in documents matters or business license applications, our company formation agents in Seychelles can provide complete support and guidance for all entrepreneurs interested in company incorporation.
We also invite you to watch our video on the Seychelles virtual office:

Why choose a virtual office in Seychelles?


All the needed information and updates can be instantly received by the owners of the business in Seychelles with the help of a virtual office and all types of communication channels. Entrepreneurs interested in establishing their presence in Seychelles in a fast manner can benefit from a virtual office and its related services. Instead of looking for a traditional office and waiting for all kinds of approvals, one can obtain a virtual office in Seychelles and begin immediately the activities. On request and if in the future the business requires it, one can solicit help for setting a traditional office for his/her company.
If you ned a vitual office in another country, such as Korea, we can put you in touch with our local partners. 


Seychelles virtual office vs. traditional office


The main differences between the virtual office and the traditional office in Seychelles are:

 Virtual Office  Traditional Office
 Lower costs  Higher maintenance costs
 Recognized business address of your choosing  The address can be in any location
 No employees required  At least one employee required
 Flexibility in choosing the services  All services fall on the company


Why do I need a virtual office package in Seychelles?

In many cases, the foreign investors who are interested in entering a particular market for business purposes without having to set up a traditional office are interested in acquiring virtual office packages and benefit from a series of advantages. For marketing projects and additional business plans, you should ask for information about how you can purchase virtual office services in Seychelles. We remind you that our specialists in company formation in Seychelles are at your disposal with any information if you are interested in setting up a business in the insular state.
If you need a virtual office in South Korea or another country, we can put you in touch with our local specialists. 

Reasons to purchase virtual office services in Seychelles

A professional and open communication with potential customers is among the reasons why an entrepreneur from overseas decides to buy virtual office services in Seychelles. On the other hand, instead of considering the costs of establishing a company with a permanent office in Seychelles, one can choose virtual office packages in Seychelles.

Can I receive a virtual assistant?

Yes, our virtual office packages in Seychelles come with a virtual assistant that can handle the calls, emails, and faxes, plus the bank statements if you are interested in such services. Your virtual assistant can deal with the business meetings and your future company partners in Seychelles. Let our advisors explain you more details about the virtual office packages that are at your disposal if you would like to make a business in Seychelles
For additional information about how to obtain a virtual office in Seychelles, we propose you get in touch with our team of experts in company incorporation in Seychelles.
You can always contact us if you need more details on the process to set up a Seychelles offshore business. The offshore system in Seychelles provides many advantages for foreign investors. 
They can refer to the confidentiality policies, no residency requirements for foreign investors, low capital requirements for businesses and low taxation – typically, offshore businesses benefit from numerous tax exemptions.  
For example, if you will operate through a Seychelles offshore company, then you will have the right to be exempted from the payment of a tax on the global income of the company. 
The company is also exempted from the payment of other taxes that can be charged to onshore companies, such as the capital gains tax, the property tax, the withholding tax on dividends or the withholding tax on interest. 

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