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About us

Updated on Tuesday 28th July 2020

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about-us.jpgOur team of consultants at Valsen Fiduciaries can provide support in setting up companies for foreign investors worldwide interested in establishing their economic activities in Seychelles. Our local office is in Victoria, where our representatives can offer tailored services in accordance to your business needs regarding the company registration in Seychelles.

Our services

Valsen Fiduciaries is a licensed provider of fiduciary, administrative, legal and corporate secretarial services for local and foreign investors in Seychelles. Our services include company, trust and fund administration services, assurance and outsourcing services. Valsen Fiduciaries has an experienced team of lawyers, certified public accountants, bankers and wealth management professionals who are members of national and international professional associations.   
We offer assistance for all international clients in matters like:
  • company registration in Seychelles;
  • company secretary;
  • accounting;
  • bookkeeping;
  • payroll;
  • business consultancy;
  • tax advice;
  • licenses and permits;
  • • estate planning solutions;
  • • virtual offices;
  • • management of investments;
  • • collective investments;
  • • insurance business solutions. 
Besides the office we have in Victoria, Seychelles, we are also present in the following countries: the United Kingdom, Kenya, Mauritius and Tanzania. Amongst the services we presented above, investors can receive legal representation in other important matters that are usually associated with investments in this country. 
We can also represent foreign investors who are considered high net worth individuals and who want to benefit from a team of professionals who are able to manage their financial assets; our main goal is to represent the interest of our clients, who can be natural persons or legal entities. We have a complete team of specialists, with an in-depth experience in the field. Our representatives are certified in fields such as accounting, banking, wealth management and they are not only certified by the local bodies, but are also part of international professional associations. 
Besides the services presented above, investors can rely on the expertise of our team in matters such as: blockchain and ICO services, advice on the intellectual property regulations, assistance on collective investments, assistance in opening a branch office, legal advice on the immigration regulations available here, advice on how to become a citizen of the jurisdiction and numerous other types of services which can be of help for foreigners when investing here.  

Who are our clients?

Investors from abroad, international enterprises or local corporations are among our customers who are interested in registering companies in Seychelles, creating investment funds or asking for legal support in matters like company liquidation, company litigation, bankruptcy or company restructuring.

Our team can provide complete support

We are a specialized team in company formation in Seychelles and in related services in this area, helping and acting in the best interest of the client. If you have questions about how to open a company in Seychelles, we invite you to contact our office at: +248 4321018.


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As a Valsen Fiduciaries client, you will benefit from the joint expertize of local lawyers and international consultants. Together we will be able to offer you the specialized help you require for your business start-up in Seychelles.

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