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General Guide to Company Incorporation in Seychelles

Updated on Thursday 13th December 2018

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General-guide-to-company-incorporation-in-Seychelles.jpgSeychelles is mostly known as a tax haven, however, the offshore or the international business company (IBC) is not the only business form available here. Foreign investors can also set up limited liability companies or special license companies in Seychelles.

Those interested in setting up a company in Seychelles must comply with the regulations imposed by the International Business Companies Law of 1994 and the Companies Special License Law of 2003. Our company formation consultants in Seychelles can offer information on the legislation related to registering a company here.

Types of companies in Seychelles

Foreign enterprisers interested in company incorporation in Seychelles can choose between the following business forms:

  1.     the sole proprietorship which enables single entrepreneurs to complete commercial activities in their own name;
  2.     the partnership is another business form which can be set up by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 members;
  3.     the proprietary company (Pty. Ltd.) which is the equivalent of the private limited liability company in other countries and must have at least 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders;
  4.     the limited company which resembles the public company in other countries and has no restrictions on the number of shareholders.

You can count on us if you want to open one of the types of companies mentioned above.

We have also prepared a video on the main steps for company incorporation in Seychelles:

Company incorporation requirements for companies in Seychelles

Before choosing the type of company, it should be noted that the company formation requirements in Seychelles are the same in terms of share capital. However, the minimum number of shareholders are two in the case of the limited liability company and one when it comes to the IBC. The company must also have a secretary and at least two directors who must be natural persons, no matter the type of company.

With respect to the registration of the Seychelles business, the company must file the incorporation documents with one of the following authorities:

  •          -          with the Seychelles International Business Authority, in the case of IBCs;
  •          -          with the Financial Services Authority, in the case of special license companies;
  •          -          Companies Register, in the case of limited liability companies.

Our company registration consultants can assist with the incorporation process of a Seychelles company.

Company registration documents in Seychelles

The following documents must be drafted and filed with the authorities upon the incorporation of a company in Seychelles:

  • -       the business name reservation form;
  • -       the form indicating the registered address of the company;
  • -       the company’s articles of association;
  • -       the declaration of compliance of the shareholders;
  • -       the personal information of the directors and shareholders.

We can assist with the preparation of the incorporation documents of the Seychelles company.

Steps related to creating a company in Seychelles

The following steps must be completed when setting up a company in Seychelles:

  •          -          choosing and reserving a trade name, the reservation is available for 30 days;
  •          -          notarizing the incorporation documents of the company (this step is not compulsory; however, it is advisable);
  •          -          filing the statutory documents with the right authority, depending on the type of company;
  •          -          paying the registration fee and the stamp duty and filing the receipts with the authorities;
  •          -          registering for taxation purposes and obtaining the tax identification number;
  •          -          registering for employment and social contribution purposes as an employer.


Special licenses could be required in certain cases. For assistance in starting a business in Seychelles, please contact our local company formation advisors.




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