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Set up an Offshore Company in Seychelles

Updated on Saturday 16th June 2018

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Known as a tax haven, Seychelles is a preferred business destination for investors who want to improve their businesses by making the tax planning more effective and protecting the assets. In this matter, an offshore company in Seychelles can be useful, and a suggested form of business for international entrepreneurs is setting IBC (International Business Company) offshore in Seychelles.

Our specialists in company formation in Seychelles can provide you with the necessary information and details about how to register an offshore company in Seychelles and the conditions in this matter.

Documents required to establish a Seychelles offshore company

Foreign enterprisers who want to set up offshore companies in Seychelles are required to prepare and file the following documents with the Companies Registrar:

  • - personal information, such as passport copies which must be certified, in the case of natural persons;
  • - information about the company, such as the certificate of incorporation and articles of association, in the case of legal entities;
  • - proof of having a residential address in Seychelles, such as an utility bill no more than 3 months older;
  • - in certain cases, the Registrar could request references from a bank showing the good standing of the investor.

Our local agents can help with the preparation of the documents needed to register the IBC company.

We invite you to watch our video on how to establish an offshore company in Seychelles:

The advantages of setting up an offshore company in Seychelles

The financial sector in Seychelles is a very appreciated one and businessmen can open offshore companies in Seychelles without having to pay any taxes. The island state is stable and trustworthy, as there are many offshore companies registered here. Through an offshore company in Seychelles, an investor can protect his/her assets, and furthermore, he/she can benefit from varied financial tools to develop the potential and the wealth of the company.

We mention that each offshore company in Seychelles is subject to complete privacy and there are no risks regarding the assets, as such entities are protected through a complete and modern legal system implemented in Seychelles. The entrepreneurs can also appoint the board directors for their offshore companies in Seychelles, for a better control of the finances and possessions. 

If you are interested in opening an offshore company in Seychelles, our team of specialists in company incorporation in Seychelles are able to provide you with complete support in this matter when drafting the documents for any type of company you are interested in.

Assistance in opening an offshore company in Seychelles

We can provide foreign enterprisers who want to open offshore companies in Seychelles with the following services:

  1. drafting and vetting the documents required for the company registration procedure;
  2. assistance in opening the corporate bank account for the IBC company;
  3. filing the documents with the Trade Register and registration with the tax authorities;
  4. virtual office services can also be provided, in case the investor requires;
  5. accounting services are also available at the request of our clients.

In order to register the company on our clients’ behalf our company registration advisors in Seychelles will need a power of attorney.

Why is Seychelles an attractive jurisdiction?

Seychelles archipelago is a preferred offshore jurisdiction due to its attractive financial sector and business environment which suit the needs of numerous investors worldwide. Because there are no taxes for opening offshore companies in Seychelles and due to complete privacy and protection of the assets, more than 100,000 firms are registered in the country. 

Offshore companies in Seychelles are also protected in cases of litigation. One should know that the company registration process of an offshore company in Seychelles is less time consuming and can be done in a few working days.

For complete information about how to set up an offshore company in Seychelles, we invite you to contact our representatives in company incorporation in Seychelles.



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