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Requirements Related to Share Capital in Seychelles

Updated on Wednesday 21st November 2018

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Requirements-Related-to-Share-Capital-in-Seychelles.jpgSeychelles is an important offshore jurisdiction that offers several business advantages for international investors who want to set up companies in the insular state. Among these, we mention the privacy of the business and the share capital requirements which, in most cases, do not exist. For a proper understanding of how foreigners can open offshore companies in Seychelles, we invite you to talk to our team of company formation specialists in Seychelles.

What is the minimum share capital for a Seychelles company?

Companies in Seychelles that are registered with at least one shareholder and non-resident directors do not need to provide a minimum share capital. The only fee an investor needs to consider is the governmental tax of approximately $100. One of the most popular business structure in Seychelles is the IBC or the International Business Company

What is the maximum authorized capital in Seychelles?

For Seychelles, there is no limitation regarding the maximum authorized capital, meaning that IBCs can be registered even with $100 million. Our team of company incorporation agents in Seychelles can offer information about how you can set up IBCs in Seychelles or any other business structure available.

What is the minimum share capital for LLCs in Seychelles?

Seychelles limited liability companies do not need to be registered with a minimum share capital. It is good to know that LLCs in Seychelles can be 100% foreign-owned and are not subject to taxes on profits.

The advantages of opening offshore companies in Seychelles

Seychelles is a preferred business jurisdiction which offers a welcoming environment and numerous benefits related to offshore companies in the insular state. The following advantages describe best why foreign investors decide to set up offshores in Seychelles:
  • there is no minimum share capital mandatory for a company in Seychelles;
  • such companies enjoy the tax-free structure, meaning that profits are not levied;
  • offshore companies in Seychelles benefit from complete privacy regarding the name of the owners and the assets;
  • foreign investors can establish companies with 100% ownership in Seychelles;
If you would like to know more about the company formation in Seychelles and about the requirements related to the share capital, please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation specialists in Seychelles.

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