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Company Formation Seychelles



Company Formation in Seychelles

Updated on Monday 11th April 2022


Seychelles is known at a global level for its favorable regime available for foreign investors. This jurisdiction is also one of the most appreciated business destinations for offshore company formation, providing a set of tax advantages, offered in the form of various tax exemptions foreign investors can enjoy. 

When starting a business in a foreign country, it is best to request legal representation from specialists who are familiarized with the local commercial legislation, tax system and reporting requirements and in this sense, our team can be of help. 
 Quick Facts  
  Types of companies

Offshore (International Business Company)

Special License Company

Limited Liability Company 

Minimum share capital for IBC


Minimum number of shareholders for IBC

Time frame for the incorporation (approx.) 

2 weeks

Corporate tax rate


Dividend tax rate 


VAT rate 


Number of double taxation treaties (approx.) 28
Do you supply a registered address?   Yes 
Local director required   No
Annual meeting required  No
Redomiciliation permitted  Yes
Electronic signature  Yes
Is accounting/annual return required?  It must be prepared, but not filed with the Trade Register.
Foreign-ownership allowed  Yes
Any tax exemptions available?  0% for offshore companies and 1.5% for special license companies 
Tax incentives

Tax deductions are available for companies in tourism, agriculture and fishing.

We are ready to provide a wide range of corporate services, amongst we mention the following: fiduciary services, administrative services, legal services and corporate services. Our team has the necessary expertise to represent high net worth individuals who want to invest in this country or who want to have their financial assets managed in the most efficient way possible.
Foreign investors who want to open a company in Seychelles can choose from two main types of entities: offshore company (known as IBC and which is the most popular choice) and onshore company.
Besides IBC, the following types of companies can be chosen for company formation in Seychelles:
  • limited partnerships which can be used for joint venture activities;
  • protected cell companies which are local companies used for asset protection purposes;
  • trusts which offer enhanced confidentiality and must be created by settlers who do not reside in Seychelles;
  • foundations which are legal entities used for offering financial services in Seychelles.


Options for foreign companies operating in Seychelles

Foreign companies can also operate in Seychelles through branch offices and subsidiaries. The most important difference between these two types of structures resides in the liability of the parent company on the satellite business in Seychelles. If in the case of the branch office, the foreign company will assume total responsibility for the branch office’s debts and obligations, in the case of the subsidiary, the Seychelles company will be an independent business entity.
Our company formation experts in Seychelles can help those interested in setting up branches or subsidiaries here. 

Types of companies which can be set up by foreigners in Seychelles

Even if the general impression is that foreigners only set up offshore companies in Seychelles, the legislation also provides for other types of companies and structures which can be set up by local or foreign entrepreneurs. Among these are:
  • -          special license companies (CSL) which are used for conducting onshore financial activities;
  • -          anonymous companies which can be used for onshore trading activities in Seychelles;
  • -          proprietary companies which are the equivalent of foreign limited liability companies;
  • -          trusts which can take two forms and can be used for asset protection purposes;
  • -          investment funds can also be registered by foreigners who come to Seychelles.
Our company formation specialists in Seychelles can offer detailed information about all the types of companies foreign entrepreneurs can register here. In case you need company formation services in another offshore jurisdiction, such as the Isle of Man, we can put you in contact with our partners.

Requirements for foreigners registering Seychelles companies

When setting up a business as a foreigner in Seychelles, there are a few aspects to consider. The first and most important one is related to having a registered agent who handles the incorporation procedure with one of the authorities in charge of accepting and issuing the Certificate of Registration for local companies.
The foreign investors must also choose a local legal address and appoint a resident director for the Seychelles company. We also mention that there are no share capital requirements related to opening a company in Seychelles as a foreigner.
Once these formalities are completed, the company registration procedure can start. It takes around 6 weeks to open a company as a foreigner in Seychelles, considering all the formalities which need to be completed.
Foreigners can obtain Seychelles VAT numbers for their companies with our help.

Taxation of foreigners owning companies in Seychelles

When it comes to the taxation of foreign individuals opening companies in Seychelles, they can be subject to taxes in their home countries, in accordance with the double tax treaties signed by their home countries with the insular state. This is because offshore companies are subject to a 0% corporate tax in Seychelles.

Restrictions on opening a Seychelles company as a foreigner

Seychelles is a very advantageous country to do business in, however, there are also certain restrictions which must be respected by those setting up companies here. These restrictions do not apply only to foreigners, but also to local investors. For example, a Seychelles offshore company cannot issue bearer shares, no matter if its owner is a local or a foreign businessman.
Certain restrictions also apply to the trade name of the company. According to the law, certain words, such as government, republic, and Seychelles cannot be used when reserving a company name, while for others special permission is required. The last requirement applies when setting up companies in the financial sector in Seychelles.
Other restrictions related to opening an offshore company as a foreigner in Seychelles is related to the not being allowed to trade on the local market and to own property in this country. The offshore company cannot engage in any type of financial activities.

Company incorporation requirements for companies in Seychelles

Before choosing the type of company, it should be noted that the company formation requirements in Seychelles are the same in terms of share capital. However, the minimum number of shareholders are two in the case of the limited liability company and one when it comes to the IBC. The company must also have a secretary and at least two directors who must be natural persons, no matter the type of company.
With respect to the registration of the Seychelles business, the company must file the incorporation documents with one of the following authorities:
with the Seychelles International Business Authority, in the case of IBCs;
with the Financial Services Authority, in the case of special license companies;
Companies Register, in the case of limited liability companies.
Another important requirement for opening a company in Seychelles, no matter the chosen entity, is for the company to have a registered address in this country. Also, it is mandatory for foreigners to appoint a local registered agent in order to complete the incorporation procedure with the local authorities. We act as registered agents in Seychelles and can also provide you with virtual office services for your future company.
Our company registration consultants can assist with the incorporation process of a Seychelles company. Businessmen interested in starting an offshore company in another country, for example in Panama, can receive specialized assistance from our partners.

The share capital of a company in Seychelles

One of the greatest advantages of opening a company in Seychelles, no matter if we are talking about an onshore or offshore company, is related to the share capital requirements. The local legislation does not impose any paid-up or subscribed share capital for registering a business, however, the business owner is required to determine the amount of money he or she will need to start doing business here.
An important aspect which needs to be considered is that an offshore company cannot issue bearer shares. The only shares which can be issued are registered shares which can have voting rights attached to them. Non-voting shares can also be issued.

Taxation of companies in Seychelles

Regarded as a tax haven, Seychelles represents a great company incorporation destination from a taxation point of view. Even if most business people are inclined to think Seychelles is a zero-tax destination, in fact, the authorities here have a clear business taxation system set in place.
If offshore companies are imposed with a 0% rate on corporate income, onshore companies will be subject to a 33% corporate tax. However, special license companies benefit from a lower tax rate which is set at 1.5%. Seychelles companies are not imposed with capital gains taxes or stamp duties.
Another particularity of Seychelles is that it has concluded several double tax agreements which favor foreign investors opening onshore companies in the insular states.

The duration of offshore registration in Seychelles

Offshore companies in Seychelles are the most popular business structures in the archipelago and are also known as IBCs or International Business Companies. Because the tax regime is appealing, meaning that there is no corporate tax imposed, numerous investors decide to protect their assets through IBCs in Seychelles. An offshore company in Seychelles can be set up in about 14 days if the Articles of Association and the Register of the directors are submitted to the Seychelles Registrar Companies. It is good to know that IBCs in Seychelles or offshore companies are established in complete privacy and the information of the owners are not displayed publicly.

Proprietary company time registration in Seychelles

Another favorable business form in Seychelles is the limited liability company or the proprietary company as it is known. This kind of company can be established in approximately 4 weeks with complete support offered by our company incorporation specialists in Seychelles who can also act on behalf of your firm without you having  to travel to the insular state for formalities.

Can I receive virtual office services in Seychelles?

Yes, you may get in touch with our company formation representatives in Seychelles for information about how you can receive virtual office services on request. A foreign entrepreneur who does not want to set up a business and a traditional office might be interested in purchasing virtual office packages in Seychelles and benefit from a notable business address, mail and correspondence, conference room for business meetings, phone calls and fax forwarding on request. Instead of renting or buying an office space for a business, an investor from abroad can decide on buying virtual office services in Seychelles.

How can I open a bank account in Seychelles?

Foreign investors in Seychelles can easily open a bank account for a company in Seychelles if the requirements in terms of documents are respected. The company’s documents must be provided and, plus a letter of recommendation signed by another bank from the country of origin. It is good to know that a bank account in Seychelles is ready in a few working days, and in the case of an account for an offshore company in Seychelles, the personal data is not available to public disclosure. Our team of advisors can offer in-depth information and assistance for opening a bank account in Seychelles.

Purchasing a shelf company in Seychelles

Entrepreneurs from abroad who are interested in a fast start of the business on the market should know that they have the possibility of buying a ready-made company in Seychelles. Also known as a shelf company, such type of firm is ready to activate on the market, as soon as the ownership transfer takes place. A shelf company in Seychelles can also be used as an offshore company and the main advantage is that there is no need to wait for the incorporation procedure, as all the aspects in this matter are settled. In other words, if you would like to set up a business in Seychelles in a fast manner, you can purchase a shelf company in Seychelles. In order to legally perform the activities in Seychelles, the ready-made company must be re-registered with the new owners of the Companies House in Seychelles. Investors looking to open a company in Seychelles might consider a shelf company as a proper option for their future operations. Our advisors are at your disposal with support for such kind of acquisition.

Features of anonymous and special licensed companies in Seychelles

One of the most employed types of companies in Seychelles is the anonymous company. This business form can be employed by all types of investors and its name is given by the fact that it guarantees complete privacy to its founders.
The anonymous company is the most suitable business entity for those interested in establishing offshore companies in Seychelles. It can also be used for trading purposes.
Opposed to the anonymous company is the special licensed company, shortly known as the CSL. This business form can only complete onshore activities and is also suitable for investment purposes. The incorporation requirements for a Seychelles CSL company are more extensive at it required a minimum number of 2 shareholders, 2 directors, and a secretary.

What are the advantages of an IBC company in Seychelles?


The structure of a Seychelles IBC is a flexible one and comes with varied attractive benefits for investors from overseas. For instance, an IBC in Seychelles, with a stable economy, needs no minimum share capital, it is subject to low government fees, the assets are protected, the financial records are not available for public access, and there are no corporate taxes. Additionally, a government fee of about $100 should be considered when such entity is registered. Even more, an IBC in Seychelles offers easy-going policies on reporting interest revenues to the tax authorities from abroad. Please consider that the main condition for registering an IBC in Seychelles is to carry out its businesses outside the islands.


Rules and regulations for setting up a Seychelles IBC


Investors interested in registering a Seychelles IBC must comply with several requirements, a matter where our specialists in company formation in Seychelles are able to provide you with comprehensive information, such as:
  • an IBC in Seychelles cannot perform activities in the gambling area;
  • the main bank accounts of the IBC must be opened in Seychelles;
  • the bookkeeping and accounting of the IBC must be carried out in Seychelles;
  • the shareholders can keep the annual general meeting in Seychelles, however, this is not mandatory;
  • an IBC in Seychelles can own airplanes or boats registered here.
jurisdiction like Seychelles is suitable for numerous entrepreneurs worldwide interested in registering their businesses in an insular state which is considered a tax haven.


Documents for your IBC in Seychelles


First of all, we remind that the owners of an IBC in Seychelles have complete privacy of their identity, as their personal information cannot be displayed publicly. Regarding the documents necessary for an IBC in Seychelles, one should keep in mind that the Registrar Companies will only solicit the Articles of Association, and the Register of the Directors which are held at the offices of the Registered Agent, in complete privacy. We mention that the Financial Investigation Authority in Seychelles may request disclosing the information about particular IBCs in the state if an investigation takes place.

Steps to set up an offshore company in Seychelles


Foreign investors who want open a Seychelles IBC are required to complete a few steps. These are:
  1. having the Seychelles IBC company’s incorporation documents prepared and notarized;
  2. filing the company’s memorandum and articles of association and the other relevant documentation filed with the Trade Register;
  3. registering for tax purposes with the tax authorities in Seychelles;
  4. applying for the necessary business licenses, if specific activities, such as financial ones, will be undertaken.
Our company registration agents in Seychelles can guide you through the incorporation of an IBC company.

What are the benefits of opening an offshore company in Seychelles?

Besides the fast incorporation within a few days, an offshore company in Seychelles is registered under complete confidentiality about the shareholders in Seychelles. We also mention that an offshore company in Seychelles comes with the following advantages:
  • there is no need for a minimum share capital or company secretary;
  • such business can be established by one stockholder, regardless of the nationality;
  • an offshore company in Seychelles is exempt from taxation on profits;
  • there is no duty for revenue repatriation of an offshore in Seychelles.
If you would like to know more about how to register a company in Seychelles, we invite you to get in touch with our team of advisors in Seychelles.


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Frequently asked questions


1.Who can start a company in the Seychelles?

Foreign investors are very welcomed if they want to open companies in the Seychelles. They also benefit from many advantages here.

2.Are there any visa requirements in the Seychelles?

There are no strict visa requirements for those coming to the Seychelles for business reasons. However, investors are allowed to apply for residence permits, if they want.

3.What are the main types of companies in the Seychelles?

Just like in other jurisdictions, partnerships, limited liability and joint stock companies can be registered in the Seychelles. However, the offshore, or the IBC company is the most employed type of company here.

4.Can I open an offshore company in the Seychelles?

The offshore company is known as the international business company (IBC) in the Seychelles and yes, it can be registered here. Our Seychelles company formation agents can help you set up such type of company.

5.What are the steps to set up a company in the Seychelles?

The preparation of the incorporation documents, their filing with the Trade Register and the tax registration are the main steps related to opening any type of company in the Seychelles. In certain cease, special licenses may be required.

6.What are the documents related to starting a business in the Seychelles?

As mentioned above, the incorporation documents are the most important papers which must be drafted when opening a company in the Seychelles.

7.Is there a minimum share capital in the Seychelles?   

There are no minimum share capital requirements for company incorporation in Seychelles. 

8.How long does the company registration process take in the Seychelles?

The company incorporation procedure in quite fast in the Seychelles. We remind you that our local consultants can assist with the drafting and filing of the documents with the authorities in the Seychelles.

9.What taxes does a company pay in the Seychelles?

From a taxation point of view, the Seychelles is a very appealing destination. It provides for many tax incentives granted under the form of deductions or exemptions.

10.Why open a company in the Seychelles?

The Seychelles is a very appealing financial center and offers many incentives to foreign investors. Also, foreign businessmen opening IBC companies in the Seychelles benefit from enhanced privacy and asset protection solutions.


The business environment in Seychelles


Seychelles is an independent state, part of the British Commonwealth, and has one of the fastest foreign company registration processes worldwide, through the IBC companies. With a prolific development in numerous industries, the government in Seychelles is open to all kinds of investments in the insular state. As it is known, Seychelles is an important transit point for trading purposes between Asia and Africa.
The entrepreneurial framework in the country made the government focus the attention on the overall regulatory productivity, eliminating several taxes and boosting transparency in the business background. Since 2015, Seychelles is known as a “high income” state, according to the World Bank classification. The easy ways of registering businesses in the archipelago state made numerous investors implement and develop their activities in a wide range of performant industries.
For a suitable understanding of how a foreigner can open an IBC company in Seychelles, you may address your questions to our team of company formation agents in Seychelles. Please contact us for details in this matter.
The Seychelles International Business Company, shortly known as the IBC, is preferred by foreign business persons interested in setting up companies in an offshore destination such as the insular state, which is part of the African Union. There are numerous advantages which come with an IBC formation in Seychelles, like an attractive taxation system and not having to submit financial reports publicly. In matters of documents for registration of an IBC in Seychelles, we suggest you ask for advice and recommendations from our team of company formation agents in Seychelles. Our consultants are specialized in varied forms of businesses in Seychelles, available for local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to establish their operations on the market.

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