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Open an IBC Offshore Company in Seychelles

Updated on Saturday 12th May 2018

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The Seychelles International Business Company, shortly known as the IBC, is preferred by foreign enterprisers interested in setting up companies in an offshore destination such as the insular state, which is part of the African Union.


There are numerous advantages which come with an IBC formation in Seychelles, like an attractive taxation system and not having to submit financial reports publicly. In matters of documents for registration of an IBC offshore in Seychelles, we suggest you ask for advice and recommendations from our team of company formation agents in Seychelles. Our consultants are specialized in varied forms of businesses in Seychelles, available for local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to establish their operations on the market.

Advantages of an IBC offshore company in Seychelles

The structure of an IBC offshore company in Seychelles is a flexible one and comes with varied attractive benefits for investors from overseas. For instance, an IBC offshore company in Seychelles, with a stable economy, needs no minimum share capital, it is subject to low government fees, the assets are protected, the financial records are not available for public access, and there are no corporate taxes. Additionally, a government fee of about $100 should be considered when such entity is registered. Even more, an IBC in Seychelles offers easy-going policies on reporting interest revenues to the tax authorities from abroad. Please consider that the main condition for registering an IBC in Seychelles is to carry out its businesses outside the islands.

Rules and regulations for setting up an IBC offshore company in Seychelles

Investors interested in registering an IBC offshore company in Seychelles must comply with several requirements, a matter where our specialists in company formation in Seychelles are able to provide you with comprehensive information, such as:

  •     - an IBC offshore company cannot undertake business activities in Seychelles;
  •    -  the owner of an offshore company cannot acquire real estate assets;
  •    -  an IBC in Seychelles cannot perform activities in the gambling area;
  •     - the main bank accounts of the IBC offshore must be opened in Seychelles;
  •     - the bookkeeping and accounting of the IBC must be carried out in Seychelles;
  •     - the shareholders can keep the annual general meeting in Seychelles, however this is not mandatory;
  •     - an IBC in Seychelles can own airplanes or boats registered here.

An offshore jurisdiction like Seychelles is suitable for numerous entrepreneurs worldwide interested in merging their businesses in an insular state which is considered a tax haven.

Documents for your IBC offshore in Seychelles

First of all, we remind that the owners of an IBC in Seychelles have complete privacy on their identity, as their personal information cannot be displayed publicly. Regarding the documents necessary for an IBC in Seychelles, one should keep in mind that the Registrar Companies will only solicit the Articles of Association, and the Register of the Directors which are held at the offices of the Registered Agent, in complete privacy. We mention that the Financial Investigation Authority in Seychelles may request disclosing the information about particular IBCs in the state if an investigation takes place.

Find out from the video below how you can set up an offshore company in Seychelles:

Steps to set up an offshore company in Seychelles

Foreign investors who want open offshore companies in Seychelles are required to complete a few steps. These are:

  1. having the Seychelles IBC company’s incorporation documents prepared and notarized;
  2. filing the company’s memorandum and articles of association and the other relevant documentation filed with the Trade Register;
  3. registering for tax purposes with the tax authorities in Seychelles;
  4. applying for the necessary business licenses, if specific activities, such as financial ones, will be undertaken.

Our company registration agents in Seychelles can guide you through the incorporation of an IBC offshore company.

Other types of companies in Seychelles

Foreign investors can also set up the following types of companies in Seychelles:

  • - limited partnerships which can be used for joint venture activities;
  • - protected cell companies which are local companies used for asset protection purposes;
  • - trusts which offers enhanced confidentiality and must be created by settlors who do not reside in Seychelles;
  • - foundations which are legal entities used for offering financial services in Seychelles.

The business environment in Seychelles

Seychelles is an independent state, part of the British Commonwealth, and has one of the fastest foreign company registration processes worldwide, through the IBC offshore companies. With a prolific development in numerous industries, the government in Seychelles is open to all kinds of investments in the insular state. As it is known, Seychelles is an important transit point for trading purposes between Asia and Africa.

The entrepreneurial framework in the country made the government focus the attention on the overall regulatory productivity, eliminating several taxes and boosting transparency in the business background. Since 2015, Seychelles is known as a “high income” state, according to the World Bank classification. The easy ways of registering businesses in the archipelago state made numerous investors implement and develop their activities in a wide range of performant industries.

For a suitable understanding of how a foreigner can open an IBC offshore company in Seychelles, you may address your questions to our team of company formation agents in Seychelles. Please contact us for details in this matter.




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