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The Advantages of Opening an IBC in Seychelles

Updated on Friday 10th January 2020

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The-Advantages-of-Opening-an-IBC-in-Seychelles.jpgSeychelles is an insular state located in the western part of the Indian Ocean and an important business destination for many foreigners who want to protect their assets and develop all kinds of other activities. An IBC (International Business Company) offshore in Seychelles has a flexible structure and comes with many benefits like a favorable tax system and incorporation. The owners of an IBC in Seychelles are not obliged to report their finances and can activate in complete privacy. Our company incorporation agents in Seychelles can help investors to set up IBC offshores in Seychelles regardless of their nationality. 

Why IBC offshores in Seychelles are preferred by investors from abroad?

From the beginning, we mention that IBC companies are the most popular types of companies in Seychelles and they are addressed to all international players, whether companies or business persons. An IBC in Seychelles is subject to varied advantages among which we make reference to the following:
•    the financial records of such company are not displayed publicly;
•    there is no need for a minimum share capital when registering an IBC;
•    the assets are completely protected;
•    there are no corporate taxes imposed;
•    the business can be controlled outside borders of Seychelles;
•    the booking can be carried out in the home country of the owner;
•    the information about the owners are private;
•    there are no tax liabilities.
In completion to the above-mentioned benefits, linked to an IBC offshore in Seychelles, the owners of such company do not have to worry about audits or tax returns. Moreover, for high confidentiality, one can register the IBC offshore in Seychelles without having to offer details about the owners and the nominee directors. For complete information about the benefits of having an offshore in Seychelles and about the incorporation procedure, it is suggested to address to our team of specialists in company formation in Seychelles.

Why you should choose Seychelles for business

Seychelles is part of the Commonwealth, with an independent government which always put the accent on how foreign investments can be attracted. Having a diversified economy with a complete focus on the agriculture, tourism and manufacturing sectors, Seychelles rapidly gained respect and reliability among important players worldwide, which is also based on the importance of being a transit location between Africa and Asia. In addition, Seychelles is known as a tax haven and a sustainer of transparency related to the significant business field which continues to flourish.
IBC companies can obtain VAT registtration numbers with the help fo our local agents.
Foreigners interested in establishing IBC offshore in Seychelles can ask for guidance for company formation from our team of local consultants in incorporation in Seychelles. You are invited to get in touch with us for details and personalized offers.


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