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Lawyers in Seychelles

Updated on Monday 01st July 2019

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Lawyers-in-SeychellesForeign citizens coming to Seychelles have various options, not only that of setting up an offshore company. They can also relocate here for employment purposes or they can buy real estate. For some of these actions, legal assistance could be required in order to get acquainted with the laws in Seychelles.

Our lawyers in Seychelles have been in the service of foreign clients for years now and can assist in various matters. We offer tailored legal services in Seychelles, so you don’t need to worry about anything else than buying your plane ticket and moving here. We can also help in various company registration matters in Seychelles.

Services offered by our lawyers in Seychelles

No matter the reason you decide to move to Seychelles, our lawyers here can help with the following services:

  1. obtaining a residence permit – you can choose to relocate here through a simple residence permit or through residency by investment;
  2. buying real estate in Seychelles – we can help you purchase a residential or commercial building in Seychelles;
  3. opening a bank account, we offer tailored services to those interested in setting personal or corporate bank accounts;
  4. starting a business in Seychelles and all the legal services related to it, such as nominee services;
  5. applying for various licenses and permits for your company in Seychelles if you plan on opening an onshore business;
  6. assistance in debt collection and other litigation services, including court representation in Seychelles;
  7. assistance in various civil law matters, such as marriage registration, divorce and child custody.

If there is any service you could not find in our list, feel free to ask our Seychelles lawyers about it.

Assistance in moving to Seychelles

Immigrating to Seychelles implies several steps. Among these, finding a suitable place to live in, purchasing the chosen property, obtaining the residence permit with the Immigration and Civil Status Authority in Seychelles and opening a bank account.

You can rely on our lawyers in Seychelles for various aspects related to moving to this great country, such as real estate due diligence when buying a property. We recommend you carefully verify every aspect of a property to purchase, and our lawyers can help you do that. We can inquire with the Land Register about any ownership issues or encumbrances on the property and let you know if you can further proceed with the purchase.

If you decide to buy a property, you can rely on us for completing the procedure. With a power of attorney, our lawyers in Seychelles can represent you during the transaction, so that when you arrive, just the minor details will remain to resolve.

We can then help you set up your bank account with one of the trustworthy banks in Seychelles.

Also, if you are interested in company formation in Seychelles, our specialists here can guide you throughout the entire procedure.

Assistance in various litigation matters in Seychelles

Although no one wants to, there are cases in which the presence of a lawyer is required. These cases are usually related to various disputes. The judicial system in Seychelles is based on the English common law and the Napoleonic Code in France. The court system in Seychelles is made of the following courts:

  • - the magistrate courts which are first instance courts handling civil and criminal code cases;
  • - the Constitutional Court which revises cases related to human rights and the Constitution of Seychelles;
  • - the Family Tribunal which handles all the cases resulting from the Family Law of Seychelles;
  • - the Seychelles Rent Control Board which tries cases related to various types of rental contracts;
  • - the employment tribunals which are in charge with resolving disputes between employers and employees;
  • - the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal which are the highest courts in Seychelles.

If you find yourself in the situation to need assistance in any of the cases handled by these courts, our lawyers in Seychelles can offer the necessary legal advice.

We can also help in debt collection procedures in Seychelles.

Obtaining special licenses and permits in Seychelles

If you decide for company formation in Seychelles, you will need to obtain various permits and licenses depending on the industry you will operate in. For these situations, the services offered by our lawyers in Seychelles.

Speaking about starting a business in Seychelles, here are a few interesting facts about this country’s economy:

  • - Seychelles has an economic freedom index of 61.4 points, which makes it the 6th freest economy in the Sub-Saharan Africa region;
  • - according to the World Bank, Seychelles ranked 62nd in the world for registering property in 2018;
  • - imports and exports in Seychelles equal 190% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product;
  • - in 2018, Seychelles had a 1% surplus to the country’s budget.

For any legal service you might need, please contact our lawyers in Seychelles.


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