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Open an Investment Fund in Seychelles

Updated on Thursday 08th February 2018

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Open-an-Investment-Fund-in-Seychelles.jpgWhen opening an investment fund in Seychelles, one must respect the provisions of the Mutual Funds and Hedge Fund Act 2007. The public, the private and the professional funds are the type of investment funds available for foreigners willing to expand their portfolios in Seychelles. Opening an investment fund in Seychelles is subject to particular terms and conditions, among which we mention the IBCs (International Business Company) through which such funds are incorporated. Information in this matter can be offered by our company formation agents in Seychelles who can help foreigners set up offshore companies or other entities. 

Types of investment funds in Seychelles

Known as an appealing jurisdiction and as the proper destination for protecting the assets through offshore companies, Seychelles offers to foreigners the possibility of opening investment funds in a fast and consistent manner. Among the most appreciated investment funds on an international scale, including Seychelles, are the mutual funds and the hedge funds. The mutual funds in Seychelles can be established by a company, a partnership or several investors who gather funds for collective investment goals. Moreover, a mutual fund is based on impartiality interests which allow investors or participants to collect or have the right to receive a share of the profits originated from the investments made throughout the life of the fund.
Hedge funds in Seychelles have high return potential and are not that liquid as the mutual funds are. Such fund can be created with a minimum investment of $100,000 and can be controlled from any part of the world. Usually, hedge funds address to big companies or investors with high capacity on the market and who own a large number of assets.
Professional funds in Seychelles are mutual funds established by experienced investors who must respect several conditions in this sense. For example, the professional investor cannot set up such fund with less than $ 100,000, but they can invest as much as they want, even assets worth $1 million or more. A declaration offering details about the professional level of such investors needs to be signed before such fund is created.
Because of the excellent tax structure in Seychelles, most investment funds are created through IBCs, well-known offshore companies in the insular state which work under complete privacy and safety. Such entities have an easy incorporation, but support and guidance can be offered by our company formation specialists in Seychelles.

Main conditions for opening an investment fund

Investment funds in Seychelles can be effortlessly created, if some important rules and considered from the beginning, such as:
•    appointing a licensed administrator for the investment fund;
•    respect the capital requirements if a professional fund is considered;
•    register the IBC with the Financial Services Authority in Seychelles;
•    hire specialists to observe the registration process of the investment funds.
If you would like to know more about the investment funds in Seychelles and the related requirements, please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation consultants in Seychelles.


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