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Open a Limited Partnership in Seychelles

Updated on Thursday 13th December 2018

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Open-a-limited-partnership-in-Seychelles.jpgForeign investors interested in doing business in Seychelles have several options in terms of business forms. Even if the Seychelles offshore company is the most popular, there are also other possibilities which offer many advantages, among which trusts and limited partnerships.

The limited partnership is one of the oldest business forms in Seychelles and falls under the provisions of the Limited Partnerships Law which was last amended in 2011 when important changes have been brought to this type of business form.

Below, our company formation agents in Seychelles explain how to open a limited partnership here.

Characteristics of limited partnerships in Seychelles

The limited partnership will have the same features as partnerships all over the world, therefore it will be subject to less stringent registration requirements. A limited partnership in Seychelles must be created for doing business outside the country.

The Seychelles limited partnership is a good option for those who want to open investment funds in this country.

You can rely on our local consultants if you want to create a limited partnership or set up an offshore company in Seychelles.

Requirements to open a limited partnership in Seychelles

Opening a Seychelles limited partnership implies respecting the following requirements:

  • -          this business form must have a general partner who will be fully liable for the partnership’s debt and obligation, but will also manage the business;
  • -          the limited partnership must also have a limited partner, who can be a Seychelles resident (company or natural person);
  • -          the limited partnership must have a registered address in Seychelles;
  • -          at least one of the general partners must be a company registered in Seychelles.

Just like the Seychelles offshore company, the limited partnership must be registered with the Companies Registrar.

Registration procedure for a Seychelles limited partnership

The Seychelles limited partnership will be created through a partnership agreement which must be filed with the Trade Register. The name of the partnership must contain the words Limited Partnership, or the abbreviations L.P. or LP. It can also contain one of the names of the partners.

For assistance in opening a limited partnership or company incorporation in Seychelles, please feel free to contact our local company registration advisors.

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