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Establish a Branch in Seychelles

Updated on Friday 09th March 2018

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Establish-a-Branch-in-Seychelles.jpgBesides anonymous offshores or IBCs (International Business Company), foreign investors from abroad can also establish branches of foreign companies. These are legal business entities for which the parent companies are fully reliable for the registered profits and losses. The company formation in Seychelles is less restrictive and has fewer formalities, but for complete support at the time of registration, you may ask our specialists in company formation in Seychelles.

How to set up a branch in Seychelles

The main rules of establishing a branch in Seychelles are the same as for any kind of non-resident companies in any state. The parent documents are necessary at the time or branch registration in this jurisdiction, and furthermore, a local representative must be appointed. Entrepreneurs should consider the following conditions when opening a branch in Seychelles:
•    offer complete details about the parent company, the representative, the business address, the share capital;
•    apply for tax purposes in Seychelles;
•    appoint the board of directors.
All the documents of the company must be translated into the English language and then notarized. We can offer comprehensive support and guidelines for foreigners who want to register a company in Seychelles, including branches.

How branches work in Seychelles

Branches are normally subject to lower expenses and are seen as permanent establishments from a taxation point of few, remembering the fact that such entities are not considered separate legal structures. Likewise, branches in Seychelles must obtain approvals from the parent company for all the operations in the insular state. As for the annual financial statements of a branch in Seychelles, these must be submitted to the Trade Register, alongside with the ones of the parent company. It is good to know that branches are considered reasonable entities which present low risks and have fewer obligations compared to separate legal entities.
If you want to know more details about how branches are established in Seychelles or about the company registration in Seychelles, please feel free to contact our team of consultants at any time.


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