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Employment Law in Seychelles

Updated on Wednesday 11th September 2019

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Employment-Law-in-SeychellesSeychelles has evolved a lot from an economic point of view in the last few years, which is why companies here started hiring personnel from abroad. It is important to know that no matter the nationality of workers and employers operating in Seychelles, the main law to follow in respect to follow when it comes to hiring personnel is the Employment Law.

The modern Seychelles Employment Law was enabled in 1995 and was last amended in 2016. Those who want to hire employees in the insular state can rely on the services provided by our lawyers in Seychelles. We can also assist foreign investors interested in offshore company formation in Seychelles.

The main provisions of the Employment Law in Seychelles

Those who set up companies in Seychelles, no matter if these are offshore or onshore businesses, have the possibility of hiring local personnel or bring workers from abroad as long as the respect the Labor Code here.

The main provisions of the Seychelles Labor Code refer to:

  1. the fact that all employees must work under one of the types of employment contracts available under the law;
  2. the fact that all employers must respect the regulation of wages and conditions of employment which can include certain wage benefits;
  3. the termination of employment which must follow specific procedures for both employers and employees;
  4. employment disputes which are usually dealt with by the Employment Tribunal in Seychelles;
  5. subsidiary legislation which covers aspects related to fixed-term contracts and fees for resolving employment disputes.

Our company formation specialists in Seychelles can help you set up a business here, while our lawyers can guide you through the employment procedures. We can also offer legal assistance in terms of labor disputes in Seychelles.

The employment contract in Seychelles

One of the most important elements of an employment relation is the labor contract which occupies mots of the Employment Law’s provisions. There are 4 types of employment contracts companies in Seychelles can offer to workers; these are:

  • - the continuous or indefinite employment contract;
  • - the fixed-term labor contract;
  • - the part-time employment agreement;
  • - the contract of employment for casual workers.

Each contract must contain similar provisions, the main difference among them being the duration of employment which must be clearly stated in the agreement. An important provision of the Seychelles Employment Law refers to fixed-term contracts which cannot be concluded for periods of less than 3 months.

Labor contracts must be concluded in writing and must bear the signatures of both the employee and a representative of the employer. These must contain the following information:

  • - the name of the employer and the employee;
  • - the nature of employment and a job description;
  • - the probation period (in case of indefinite employment contracts);
  • - the place where the work will be completed;
  • - the rights and duties of employee and employer;
  • - the remuneration of the employee.

Special provisions can also be included in a labor contract in Seychelles. The agreement must be concluded in two copies: one for the employer and one for the worker.

Another important provision of the Employment Law in Seychelles is that the language in which the contract will be drafted can be French or English.

Our lawyers in Seychelles can offer more information on the conditions of employment in this country.

Protection of employees under the Labor Code in Seychelles

The Seychelles Employment Law provides for strict regulations when it comes to the protection of employees. Also, all labor contracts must be registered with the authorities in Seychelles which fall under the supervision of the Ministry of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status.

Among the provisions related to the protection of employees, the Labor Code provides for restrictions related to abusive termination of employment and termination of work relations upon the change of ownership in the Seychelles company (mergers and acquisitions). Also, certain employees can also be entitled to housing benefits when moving to Seychelles.

Leave rights for employees in Seychelles

Employees of Seychelles companies are entitled to rest and leave days, as follows:

  • - all employees in Seychelles have the right to 21 days of annual leave (in a period of 12 months);
  • - workers are also entitled to paid sick leave, but no more than 30 days in a calendar year;
  • - female workers have the right to paid maternity leave od 14 weeks, out of which 12 weeks must be taken after giving birth;
  • - employees also have the right to up to 4 days per year for compassionate leave.

For complete information on the Employment Law, please contact our Seychelles lawyers. We can also help to set up an offshore company in Seychelles.


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