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Company Formation Seychelles



Liquified Natural Gas Instead of Oil to Generate Electricity in Seychelles


Seychelles offers a wide range of business possibilities and investment opportunities in varied industries. The electricity sector is for sure in the attention of local and foreign entrepreneurs who can decide on different power plants, and alternatives for oil products. The liquified natural gas (LNG) might represent an excellent solution for the future of electricity in Seychelles, which is why a power plant is already on the governmental priorities. Seychelles is an important offshore jurisdiction which addresses to all investors from abroad interested in protecting their money among many aspects. Our company formation specialists in Seychelles can help you open a company in Seychelles, regardless of the chosen industry for business.

New Investment Regulations for Attracting More Foreign Entrepreneurs


Seychelles is an important offshore destination for which the investment policies are in a continuous development. The main scope is to attract even more investments in the insular state and to improve the already appreciated business climate. Foreign investors looking for profits in Seychelles need to attentively measure the investment framework and to solicit assistance and guidelines from our company formation specialists in Seychelles. Our team can guide investors in their way of introducing their operations in the archipelago.