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A National Classification System to be Introduced in Tourism Sector in Seychelles

Written by: Editor

The tourism sector in Seychelles is known as a solid source of profits in the insular state and the type of business destination that it is preferred by numerous foreign investors looking to minimize the taxes and protect their assets. Considering the positive direction in the tourism sector and knowing the importance of quality services in the archipelago, the authorities decided to introduce a national classification system in the accommodation field. Several implementations will be added and will involve foreigners looking to incorporate a company in the tourism sector in Seychelles. Assistance and information at the time of company registration in Seychelles can be entirely provided by our team of company formation specialists in Seychelles.

Establishing the ranking structure in Seychelles

Ranking the touristic establishments in Seychelles was a necessary thing to do and the authorities recently approved a national classification structure, allowing tourists to choose the services based on their needs. Boosting the quality standards is of high importance because the insular state is home to numerous businesses in the tourism sector, and more than that, the attraction for this country is revealed by the number of tourists interested in visiting Seychelles in recent years. 

Tour operators in Seychelles can make classifications in the tourism sector

The classification scheme in Seychelles can be introduced in varied ways, but the travel agencies in the insular state will play a major role in this direction. This means that tour operators will be entitled to classify the accommodations they offer for touristic purposes. The authorities consider that the classification of the establishments in Seychelles must respect specific standards, and travel agencies will have to consider this arrangement as a general rule. Hotels in Seychelles will be categorized as gold, silver or bronze, depending on the number and types of services offered on the market and directed exclusively to tourists. One to five stars will be offered to large hotel accommodations that offer top facilities in Seychelles. The national classification system in Seychelles will align with the international requirements in the tourism sector.
If you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to open a travel agency or a hotel in Seychelles can talk to one of our company incorporation agents in Seychelles for complete assistance and information. Please contact us at any time.